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Pros vs Cons With Artificial Turf

Every decision comes with advantages and disadvantages and installing artificial turf is no different. All factors need to be considered before you pay for a complete overhaul of your natural grass and replace it with synthetic turf.
        See the benefits of synthetic turf.
Installing artificial turf in your yard has many advantages. The most important factor for most people is that artificial turf is easily maintained. On weekends, you do not need to do anything for mowing, weeding, crawling and gardening.
Another plus is synthetic turf that looks good all year round. It is very durable and withstands high temperatures and excessive colds while looking green.
A third plus for artificial grass is its long-term affordability. The total cost of installing artificial grass costs less than maintaining natural grass over a 10-year period. Savings come in reduced lawn work, which means reduced gasoline for lawnmowers and lawn equipment. These savings will also be created with reduced equipment repairs and the elimination of chemicals like fertilizer and weed killer.
Some homeowners like artificial turf because they do not use or remove chemicals from the lawn. These chemicals can be a direct danger when children and pets play on the ground. This chemical also damages the entire ecosystem as soon as it enters groundwater.
Another positive for installing synthetic turf is to reduce water consumption. Many cities have a water band or major restrictions about watering your natural yard, artificial grass does not consume water.
Beautification is another reason homeowners like synthetic grass. You can do things with artificial grass you can’t do with regular grass to add something special to your yard. That includes:

  • Making a checkerboard with different shades of grass or concrete.
  • Using it around stone boulders and other objects where the grass is difficult to grow or hard to trim.
  • Being able to design your yard how you want it to look.


    A Look at the Cons of Artificial Turf
Believe it or not, installing synthetic grass has some disadvantages. These should also be weighed against benefits when considering a decision to redo your lawn in artificial grass.
The first disadvantage is the upfront cost. While it does pay for itself in reduced lawn equipment, gas, water, and chemicals, there is an upfront cost to its purchase and installation. You shouldn’t go cheap on this because a good install is one factor impacting the lifespan of your artificial grass. So, be prepared to spend some money on upfront costs.
The second disadvantage is the demolition of your yard. Synthetic grass installation requires that all natural grass be removed and the yard is leveled. Installers will pick out large rocks, eliminate dips and valleys as well as grade the dirt. It can be messy and could take longer than expected if the weather doesn’t hold up.
A third disadvantage is artificial turf can’t be easily changed after its installed. This makes it challenging to add a new garden area or replace a damaged section. You will need to call a professional in those situations.
Fourth, some people like natural grass. They like the way it feels and the way it smells, especially after it’s been cut. They may miss these types of things once synthetic grass is installed.
Most believe there are far more advantages that come with synthetic turf than disadvantages. That’s why it is becoming so popular with homeowners. Even so, all sides need to be considered before a decision is made.

Artificial Turf,  Backyard overhaul,
Artificial Turf, Backyard overhaul,